Flood works saved around 300 properties

Flood prevention scheme works at River Street in Brechin
Flood prevention scheme works at River Street in Brechin

Despite still being under construction - the new flood prevention scheme in Brechin helped protect around 300 properties from being inundated during the recent floods.

Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment, Richard Lochhead, was in Angus yesterday (Tuesday, January 5) to see the impact of the recent heavy rains and floods on Angus communities.

He was welcomed by Councillor Jeanette Gaul, Angus Council’s convener for flood risk management and other council representatives.

They took a guided walk of the Brechin Flood Prevention scheme at the River South Esk and saw and heard at first hand of the effect of the recent record river levels on the under-construction scheme.

Mr Lochhead and Councillor Gaul spoke with residents at two properties that had flooded after The Inch was inundated after a 150-year-old wall was breached by floating trees, leading to the swollen river over -topping the existing flood defences before the New Year.

Mr Lochhead and Councillor Gaul also heard of the challenges experienced across the county in areas that endured the floodwaters, as well as the outstanding response by the community, along with council staff, emergency responders and other agencies.

She said: “We were very pleased to welcome Mr Lochhead to Angus and give him some indication of what our communities have endured over what has been an extended period of time.

“This prolonged spell of bad weather has affected people across the county, causing heartbreak to some families who have seen their home disrupted and damaged during the festive season.

“I have been hugely impressed by the way in which people have responded to the impact of this terrible weather and the inundation it created.

“People have rolled their sleeves up and worked together, engaging with council staff and our colleagues from the police, fire and rescue and other services, to address these issues.

“Our staff have worked very hard, many coming in to work out with their normal hours in what have been extremely challenging conditions to help our communities wherever and whenever they can. I thank them for that.

“The bad weather hasn’t left us just yet. But we are looking at where the damage has been done and where problems have arisen, with a view to prioritising them and putting them right as soon as possible.”

The Met Office has updated tomorrow’s weather alert for rain to amber. The warning is in place from 12.05am until 11.55pm. There is currently a yellow weather alert for rain in place across the county for today.