Fitting tribute to Deirdre

The Forfar Day Care Centre has been renamed the Deirdre Knight Centre in tribute to the woman who tirelessly campaigned for the Lour Road facility.

Angus Provost Helen Oswald officially unveiled the new name on Saturday in honour of Deirdre, who passed away last month.

Chairman Bill McLeod said: “Deirdre made an immense contribution to the local community. Caring by nature, she wanted to help others less fortunate than herself and she eagerly joined a variety of local groups, including the Citizens Advice Bureau.

“We served together on Forfar Community Council and the Forfarian Bus Trust; she was an outstanding chairman of the latter for a number of years. But her favourite cause was the Day Care Centre, a project close to Deirdre’s heart because its aim was to provide the disadvantaged with a place to meet and socialise away from the confines of their own homes.

“Deirdre was an enthusiastic participant from the start, initially being one of the fund-raising group and later graduating to the management committee, eventually playing a vital role as its vice-chairman, vital because she had responsibility for the smooth running of the centre.

“Deirdre’s finest achievement at Day Care came when, using her Aussie silvery tongue, she was able to persuade the National Lottery to part with £180,000, money which made it possible for the centre to complete the half finished new build and make it the attractive place it is today.”

Mr McLeod added that the change of name was made with the unanimous agreement of Deirdre’s fellow members.