First Forfar, then Milan!

Hamzah Ahmed with some of his OutKA$T clothing line.
Hamzah Ahmed with some of his OutKA$T clothing line.

A Forfar fashionista could be the next big name in the industry, but only once he has finished his secondary school exams!

Last May, at the age of 16, Forfar Academy pupil Hamzah Ahmed started his own clothing line, OutKA$T, making T-shirts, hats and hoodies, for sale online.

Now, just one year on business is good. Hamzah said: “I was on my laptop just creating a few designs. I came across this logo of a lion and my name means ‘Lion’ and I just went with it in the spirit of the moment.

“It’s been going well, most of the orders have been local, Forfar and Dundee, but there have been a few from down south as well.”

At first Hamzah used a wholesaler to do everything except the designs, but now, after building himself up, he likes to keep his business local and so buys in plain clothes which he then takes to Forfar firm Toppers for printing.

So far, running his own clothing line has been a great experience for Hamzah. He said: “I was confident and enthusiastic when I started. I just wanted to get it done and show my friends and family. I still find it fun trying different things with the business and creating different designs, it’s good fun.”

When we spoke to Hamzah he was in the throes of finishing his last two exams at Forfar Academy. He hopes to go to university to study marketing and business and take his ideas further.

Asked if it was tough to juggle school and business Hamzah said: “At times, right now I’ve not been focusing on the business, I just want to get my exams done but when I have free time I try to do some more work on the business.”