Finlarg wind farm plans scaled down after advice

Polar Energy (Finlarg) Ltd has withdrawn its planning application for five 100m tall turbines at Finlarg Hill, 8km south of Forfar.

The company has now submitted a new application for five 80m tall wind turbines. It is hoped the smaller scale and compact design will be more acceptable to planners and residents.

Correspondence and discussions between Polar Energy, their consultants, Atmos Consulting, and Angus Council throughout 2012 and early 2013 indicated that the scale of the originally proposed scheme was considered by the planning officers and some local residents to be too great for the location in terms of its potential landscape and visual impacts, particularly in terms of residential amenity.

Advice received from Scottish Natural Heritage during the application process also suggested alternative options for a smaller and more contained scheme should be investigated. A new and more contained layout is presented, which retains the operational efficiency of the turbines whilst reducing the overall distances of turbines from residential properties. This reduces the horizontal spread of the turbines by over 50% from properties to the east and will further improve the potential impact on residential amenity. The total installed capacity of the wind farm would be 4MW,