“Filthy” state of Reid Hall kitchen

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THE chairman of Forfar Community Council has raised a number of issues regarding the state of the Reid Hall.

At their meeting last Thursday, Mrs Isobel Ross raised a number of questions with the regard to the public hall, which is on the Forfar Common Good account.

She had received a complaint about the “filthy” state of the kitchen on Hogmanay, commenting she thought those letting out the hall were expected to leave it in a state in which they would wish to find it.

“That definitely wasn’t the case on Hogmanay. I wonder if the council has a check list that people should work through after a let, so they can “tick things off”.

Mrs Ross had attended an event in the Reid Hall recently and found the new curtain beside the orchestra pit resembling “a dog’s breakfast”.

She continued: “I was appalled and wanted to take them down. They are tied onto the rail along the top of the orchestra pit. I think they cost about £600 and feel this is unacceptable.”

She also noticed one of the door handles in the hall was not working, which could be a health and safety issue if there was a fire.”

When asked to comment on the points raised, a spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Normally, all areas of the Reid Hall are checked and cleaned by our staff prior to any booking. On this occasion, due to unforeseen circumstances and a breakdown in communications, the kitchen wasn’t cleaned prior to the Friday let. The band pit curtain was replaced recently, however we will arrange for it to be checked and any necessary remedial repairs carried out. The broken door handle has been repaired.”