Father hails Forfar man a hero after he helps injured son

Loch Brandy
Loch Brandy

A Forfar man has been hailed as a “hero” after helping an injured man back down from Loch Brandy.

John Davidson has thanked Neil Ironside for his efforts, after his son, who serves in 1 Scots, sprained his ankle during a hike in the area.

John, who stays in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, dropped his son off at Glen Glova Hotel at 7.30am, and was set to pick him up at 9.15am.

He said: “On his way up to Loch brandy, around 500 metres from the top, he slipped on ice as visibility was poor due to snow, sprained his ankle and could not walk on it. He lay there for around 30 minutes, with no phone signal.

“A guy coming down from Loch brandy saw my son and administered first aid.”

The gentleman, Neil Ironisde, then provided John’s son with extra clothing and a hot drink.

John continued: “He then assisted him down to where I was, scared out of my mind. He made sure my son was okay before he went back up to get his 50 kilo army pack. He stayed calm whilst I freaked out, and my son was in lots of pain, I cannot thank him enough. He said he only did what anybody else would have, but I doubt very much anybody else would have done so, especially go back up to get a 50 kilo pack.

“This was an act of bravery and kindness. In our eyes, he is a hero and his family should be proud of him. My family and son thank him from the bottom of our heart. He will never be forgotten. We will never be able to thank him enough.”