Farmers urged to take part in breakfast week

Nadia Sawalha is fronting this year's Farmhouse Breakfast Campaign.
Nadia Sawalha is fronting this year's Farmhouse Breakfast Campaign.

HGCA, the cereals and oilseeds division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, is urging farmers to get on board with January’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week to help raise the profile of farming within their local community and drive demand for cereal products.

With the breakfast plate representing key markets for cereals and oilseeds, HGCA is inviting farmers to make the most of the opportunity afforded by the annual campaign to spread breakfast messages to consumers.

HGCA board member, Andrew Brown who runs a 250ha mixed farm in Rutland, will spearhead the farming side of the event on HGCA’s behalf during the week. He plans to visit schools in his area to help teach future generations about the role of arable farming in the food chain and how cereal and oilseed products can contribute to a healthy breakfast and lifestyle.

With the sector suffering the impacts of a difficult harvest and ongoing bad weather, it is more important than ever for youngsters to understand the challenges faced by farmers and the crucial role they play in feeding the population.

He said: “HGCA’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an ideal opportunity for farmers to teach children just how much of the breakfast plate is produced by us. It is key we talk to future generations about food production and show them how involved we are.

“Farmers can use this popular and successful campaign to open up their farm to school children, create a healthy breakfast product for sale in their shop, or visit a school in their local area – and help keep the arable farming message alive.”

Now in its 14th year, Farmhouse Breakfast Week targets the one in three mums who regularly skip breakfast to Shake Up Their Wake Up by making time for a wholesome start to the day. Saturday Cookbook presenter Nadia Sawalha will front this year’s campaign.

Last year’s campaign fronted by television presenter Melinda Messenger, also saw HGCA conduct an online survey about the breakfast habits of growers. The poll revealed that growers and other members of the farming industry favoured a healthy start to the day, with three quarters of respondents opting for cereals, porridge or toast.

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Farmhouse Breakfast Week runs from January 20 to 26.