Falling for autumn

PA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout

Lament the summer’s passing if you must, but autumn always brings a harvest of new looks to delight decor divas. A complete revamp may not be necessary, or even affordable, but these days, designer ranges are often replicated on the high street. And more purse-friendly ranges make following new trends, and refreshing jaded summer rooms, much easier.

“People are now just as aware of interiors trends as fashion trends,” says Linda Holmes, from online furnishings store LuxDeco.

“Generally, we’re more style-savvy and informed, and realise room schemes can become as stale as wardrobes, unless they are revised and updated occasionally.

“It can be fun to ‘tweak’ a room, by introducing a statement piece, a different or more fashionable wall colour, or simply having a mini-splurge on lamps, throws and cushions.

“We’re lavishing attention on our homes, and that’s reflected in an ever-increasing enthusiasm for colour and pattern, and a focus on detail, no matter how small, from cupboard handles to curtain tie-backs.”

Holmes highlights that luxury - in materials and textures, gleaming metallics, craftsmanship and rich shades, from berries to deep blues - are key players in the autumn/winter collections.

Celebrate the change of season and create a sanctuary fit for hibernation.

Natural materials and beautiful craftsmanship are the essential ingredients of what’s been loosely dubbed Scandi-style, and it’s a look we’ve taken to our hearts.

Calm, uncluttered spaces, pale blonde woods, and subtle hints of nature in wall panels or accessories conjure a pared-back scheme, that this season is more streamlined than the rustic of last year.

CLASSIC ELEGANCE: Glamour and opulence are taking centre stage this season, and elegant furniture, lighting or even a few elaborate accessories, conjures this sophisticated setting.

“A classic contemporary look is, by definition, a timeless style,” says Linda Holmes at LuxDeco.

“Silhouettes should be tailored and combined with refined finishes and tactile textures. And last but not least, pay attention to details, whether subtle buttoning on sofa backs or pops of colour in silk cushions.”

PLUM PERFECT: Colour’s a big story, as we want our homes to be decorative sanctuaries that speak volumes about our taste, and demonstrate our growing decor confidence and knowledge.

“Get fruity is the message this season. After all, what better way is there to liven up a lacklustre interior than with a rich berry palette?” says Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at blinds specialists, Hillarys.