Exotic pets seeking new homes

Snow the Gecko
Snow the Gecko

The Scottish SPCA centre in Petterden is seeking new homes for the exotic pets in their care

Staff are currently looking after four snakes, a terrapin and a gecko. Knowledgeable owners are being encouraged to come forward and offer the creatures loving homes.

Arbok the cornsnake

Arbok the cornsnake

Centre assistant manager Dale Christie said: “Some of the pets in our care were found as strays and never reclaimed, while others are here because their owners could no longer look after them.

“Unfortunately we seem to struggle to rehome exotics animals in the area and our exotics room is full at the moment so we are keen to find suitable, experienced owners for these fantastic creatures.

“Sadly we don’t receive many enquiries about our snakes. With snakes especially, a lot of people are put off by their appearance, but we know there are plenty of reptile enthusiasts out there who will appreciate them for the stunning creatures they are.

“The most common type of snake we have in our care is the corn snake. They can make great pets and can even be suited to first-time snake owners as they are generally quite docile and good to handle.

“Exotic creatures such as terrapins and geckos can be more expensive to care for once you factor in the cost of set up, electricity and feeding, so it is not a decision to make on a whim.

“Ideally we would like to hear from people who have kept reptiles before but if any first time owners would like to come forward, we would certainly urge them to do their research before they consider rehoming an exotic pet.

“Those wishing to meet our animals are very welcome to come along to our centre or call us for further information on 03000 999 999.”