Exhibition explores the hills and glens

Artist David Adam working on one of his sketches.
Artist David Adam working on one of his sketches.

A new art exhibition which explores the Scottish hills and glens is set to go on display in Angus.

‘Wildsketch’ features the work of David Adam and is taken from his project ‘Sketchbook’ which began in 2009.

His work shows the expressive medium he uses to explore the Scottish hills and glens, recording the diverse nature of the landscape and wildlife in all its contrasting moods.

In combining his love for the mountainous wild places with a keen observation of his subject, David seeks a return to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the land.

The use of pastels for outdoor sketching, though testing on both artist and medium, is a direct and quick technique to capture colour, mood and movement especially in the Scottish highlands where the weather can be fierce.

He feels that through sharing colour and line directly from nature, raw sketches done on the spot can reveal so much more about a place and allows us to share in that moment. A few of those magical moments are captured in several large scale works depicting unique wildlife encounters.

David said: “The end result of producing a sketch as an art object is not that important to me, but the experience of being, appreciating and fulfilling a creative process out in the wilds is more than enough spiritual sustenance.”

The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 29 at Brechin Town House Museum, which is open from 10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday.