Why pay subs mid-season?

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A Forfar reader asks about Angus Council’s green bin service, by which once a fortnight Angus Council collects your garden waste. The charge is £25 per annum.

Our reader is happy to pay, but has been told that having signed up now, he will have to pay another £25 in July when all the subs become due.

He said: “If you are a member of an angling club you don’t get asked for a new sub in the middle of the season.

“Would it not make sense for the subscriptions to run from March to October, the period of collections?”

Angus Council said: “The terms of the garden waste scheme are made clear to new subscribers no matter what time of year they look to sign up and are available on our website along with further useful information. The scheme operates from July 4 to July 3, with a break during December and January.”