Entertaining tales for the Kirriemuir Probus Club

President Duncan Brown welcomed members to the latest meeting of Kirriemuir Probus Club and introduced speaker Jim Ritchie, a retired police officer who had served for over 30 years.

Jim told how he was transferred from Forfar to Kirriemuir in 1955 and, because he did not want to have his bike damaged in transit, he was told to ride it to Kirrie.

He was one of four men under Sergeant Kippen who looked after the areas of Airlie, Cortachy, Lintrathen and Tannadice as well as Kirriemuir itself.

After a short break to return to the army during the Suez Crisis, Jim was posted back to Kirriemuir. He proceeded to tell amusing and sometimes serious stories of his life as a police officer. Most of his time was taken up by licensed premises problems and guns. Drink drivers in those days were tested by walking along a straight line, touching their noses with their fingers or balancing a full glass of water without spilling. Changed days indeed.

Jim related his involvement with several big events affecting life in Kirriemuir such as the Glendoll tragedy, the building of the Backwater Dam and the Queen’s visit to open it. He mentioned some well-known worthies from the past and the kind of action taken at the time.

Members could have listened to him all day but time ran out.

The vote of thanks was given by Bill Boyle.