End of season Strathmore Speakers’ Club meeting

The STRATHMORE Speakers’ Club season ended in a flurry of activity.

The last regular meeting at the Kirriemuir Golf Club saw another successful programme of speeches, leading to the award of her certificate of competency to Helen Gordon-Wilson of Blairgowrie who delivered her ‘masterpiece’ speech on the life story of the Belgian fascist Leon Degrelle.

Her outside evaluator, Robert Hill of the Arbroath Speakers’ Club congratulated Helen on a well constructed narrative, delivered extremely confidently without notes.

Iain Orr of Kirriemuir also secured a pass with his speech entitled ‘Technology – A Headmaster’s Tale’ in which he described how his school has embraced the use of modern technology, encouraging the use of smart ‘phones and similar devices, to the benefit of both pupils and staff.

Jim Gibb of Blairgowrie gave his audience plenty to think about with his theory that a good memory is like having an extra sense, and his hope that real progress will be made in understanding exactly how the brain works with regard to memory.

A topics session by Jim Smith provided some light relief when six members were invited to speak at short notice on six different aspects of our weather.

Eric Summers took the opportunity to speak briefly about the 200th anniversary of David Livingstone.

Later in the week a very successful annual dinner was held in the Strathmore Arms Hotel, Glamis chaired by club president Bill Walker of Blairgowrie. Jim Smith of Kirriemuir was the after-dinner speaker, amusing the company with a selection of his own poems and prose.

Then, for the ninth year in succession, the Strathmore Club joined forces with the Arbroath Speakers to host the Tartan Day Event – ‘Speaking of Scotland’.

Four speeches about famous Scottish sons were enjoyed: Robert Brown, the Montrose Botanist, by David Howat; Sir Charles Lyell, the Kinnordy Geologist, by Pamela Howat; James Clerk Maxwell, Edinburgh Scientist, by Jerry Jackson; and Kirriemuir’s Bon Scott, lead singer of AC/DC, by Andrew Buist.