Principal looks forward to new session

Principal of Angus College John Burt is looking forward to an exciting year ahead and, with the support of internal and external partners is looking forward to working together, in a positive way, to grow ambition.

In his welcome back address to staff on Tuesday (yesterday, Mr Burt reflected on the college’s most successful year to date which saw the college providing the highest level of public value in Scotland and record levels of full-time opportunities especially for younger students.

He reported that last year 61% of all enrolled full-time learners were in the 16-19 age group, 13% above the Scottish average.

The number of school leavers entering the college was also recorded at 37% above the national average.

Last year also saw the college achieve a number of recognitions and national awards including the Scotland’s Colleges awards for National Volunteering, Professional Learning and Enhancement and Marketing. Angus College students were also praised by Mr Burt.

Student successes included Skillbuild awards for the best students in Scotland in joinery, painting and decorating and roofing and a National Union of Students Award for the Best Student Campaign.

Mr Burt also took the time in his speech to acknowledge the success of the Angus Centre for Enterprise which opened its doors last year to support new businesses and business development across Angus.

Looking forward to the coming year Mr Burt spoke of the new era for Scottish colleges and the importance of working towards regionalisation and working even more closely with Dundee College in a positive way.

Mr Burt commented: “Angus College is continuing to go from strength to strength.

“I am delighted the past year has proven to be our most successful year to date but we are approaching a new era and our over-riding aim is to build on our strengths and deliver the best service to our communities.

“We will continue to improve lives by realising our aspirations and by achieving excellence in learning, facilities and leadership. We look to the future with ambition in our eyes.”