Overnight games marathon success

OVER 30 Forfar Academy pupils participated in an overnight football and basketball marathon in the sports hall recently.

Organised to raise funds for the forthcoming trip to Valencia, the games began at 8pm and continued through the small hours until 8am the next day.

The hard work, standard of behaviour and spirit of competition displayed from one and all was exemplary and left all staff filled with a sense of pride and anticipation at what promises to be a wonderful trip and learning experience.

With all sponsor money collected and counted, the grand total is a huge £1,214.84, which is double the £600 that was anticipated.

This money is to go towards subsidising hoodies and T-shirts for the trip, any left-over will go towards the cost of a match ticket for a La Liga game. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to all involved.

A special mention must go to Ken Park from Parkgrove Crematorium who donated £200 towards the trip. All involved are grateful.