Forfar pupil’s comic strip wins second prize

Jaden's artwork for the graphic novel competition
Jaden's artwork for the graphic novel competition

A Forfar Academy pupil has picked up second prize in the Scottish Teenage Book Prize Graphic Novel competition.

Scottish Book Trust invited students to create a comic strip adaptation of a single scene for one of the shortlisted novels - Claire McFall’s ‘Black Cairn Point’, Keith Gray’s ‘The Last Soldier’ or Joan Lennon’s ‘Silver Skin’.

Jaden Green came second in the Graphic Novel Competition with a comic creation for The Last Soldier, winning a voucher for Waterstones.

Heather Collins, Schools Programme Manager at Scottish Book Trust, said: “Congratulations to Jaden Green on coming second in the Scottish Teenage Book Prize Graphic Novel Competition which encourages teens themselves to actively celebrate the books they love.

“The entries for our graphic novel competition were strong across the board, with pupils showing an extremely good grasp of how storytelling devices are used in a comic. Jaden Green’s comic strip recreated a visually complex scene in a way that was easy to follow. We liked the clever use of a diagonally split panel at the start, meaning every character’s face could be seen at a moment of heightened tension.

“The benefits of encouraging young people to read, from transporting readers to other worlds to better understanding the one we’re in, are limitless. Scottish Book Trust is proud to be working with Creative Scotland to champion that cause.”

Sasha de Buyl, Literature Officer at Creative Scotland, added: “The first book that moves you as a teenager can completely shape your world view, helping you develop into the person you will become. Ensuring that Scottish writing has a place in this stage of young people’s reading lives is fantastic and Creative Scotland is delighted to support it.”

Scottish Book Trust provides a range of resources for teachers and librarians to help inspire their pupils to create comic strips, including a resource from comic creators Metaphrog and a blog series by comic creator Adam Murphy.