College praised for course pass rate


The staff, students and managment of Dundee and Angus College have been praised after the institution was named one of the best performing in the country.

It was lauded in terms of student pass rates for higher education in a report published recently by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

The report shows that the college has the highest pass rate for higher education provision. The SFC also assessed the college as being second in Scotland in terms of pass rates for further education.

During the academic year 2013-14, Dundee and Angus College had a pass rate of 76.7 per cent for those studying higher education programmes and the pass rate for those on further education courses, such as HNCs and HNDs, was 72.9 per cent. Both of these figures are well above national averages.

Seventy five per cent of students from the most deprived postcodes who attended the college passed their courses, while the national average for this group of students was found to be 66 per cent.

Mr Dey congratulated the college on its peformance and success.

He said: “Congratulations must go to all of the staff, students and management for their hard work which has resulted in these figures.

“I am particularly pleased to learn of the success rate amongst those from the most deprived postcodes who attend Dundee and Angus College. With 75 per cent passing their courses, it is a clear sign of the college’s desire to ensure that no one in this area is left behind.

“No-one should be disadvantaged in terms of educational opportunities simply owing to where they have come from and I believe that these statistics show that we have a college that is already working hard to achieve this.”