Campaign launched to help students


ANGUS College has launched a new fund-raising campaign with the help of a Kirriemuir musician.

Gary Taylor, a young singer and songwriter from DD8 Music, provided students with an impromptu concert at the launch of the new charity campaign to raise funds for students.

The ‘Change for Change’ campaign encourages students to part with their loose change to raise funds for the College’s Charitable Trust.

By raising this money, the Trust will be able to help support students who are in need of financial assistance to enable them to continue their studies.

Principal John Burt and interim Chair of the Charitable Trust, Gavin Dobson were on hand to put the first pennies in the College’s unique interactive donation box which sees the coins ricochet across the box to the collection point at the bottom.

In addition to the main fund-raising collection point, smaller donation boxes have been placed in locations throughout the College – reception, shop and the Pitstop cafes.

John Burt said: “Every penny donated will soon add up.

“If we look after the pennies the pounds will help look after our students.”