A busy start to the year for Webster’s High School

PUPILS and staff at Webster’s High have been back to school for a month now and the new year is already off to a good start.

The new first year has settled in very well and, at the other end of the school, the sixth year is organising a whole a range of activities and house competitions.

Staff also are readily volunteering their time to provide 15 hours of different sporting activities, including rugby, football, zumba, basketball and much more.

There has been a large uptake of pupils for these sporting clubs, but there is always room for more! Watch this space for regular updates of our progress in local and regional competitions.

Many members of the community are also willingly giving up their free time to the pupils of the school and there is always an open invitation for more volunteers as these clubs greatly contribute to the ethos of the school and clearly encourage young people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age.

Without these volunteers the school would not have half the trophies they have today, nor as many sporting success stories. A very big thank you to all who help in the school in any way.


A group of pupils got the chance to watch the Johnnie Walker Championship golf on Thursday, August 23, at Gleneagles.

These pupils had the unique experience of getting to meet the golfing stars as well as having a couple of hours free golf tuition, in a splendid setting where the Ryder Cup will be held in 2014.

The Osiligi Warriors

The school has two big fund-raisers on at the moment.

First, they desperately need a new mini-bus as without one it will be very difficult to keep up all the activities listed above and the curricular outings which support our courses would also be greatly curtailed.

Second, they are most anxious to keep going the school’s link with Litein High School in Kenya. This exchange now has to be self-funding and, if they want to bring Kenyan pupils to Kirriemuir again, they will have to raise several thousands of pounds. The next big event is therefore an evening of Maasai tribal song and dance, performed by the Osiligi Warriors from Kenya.

This is at the school on the evening of Wednesday, September 26, and we really are hoping for a full house.

The proceeds will be divided between our fundraising and the performers, who are looking to fund improvements to the basic amenities in their villages back home.