Sir, I was sad to read that Daryl Beech is to give up Easy Walkers.

Over the past three or so years I have kept up to date with Easy Walkers and enjoyed reading what they were up to in helping animal charities.

They have had their ups and downs but have helped a lot of animals at the same time.

Daryl was only 14 when he dreamt up the idea of Easy Walkers. Since then, he and his volunteers have done a great job, highlighting that animal cruelty is wrong and donating thousands of pounds to charities locally.

You don't hear or see many teenagers Daryl's age spending so much time to help others or, in his case, animals. He has a heart of gold.

I have met Daryl at events and he has always had a pleasant attitude towards his work and supporters. I know he is not an angel but he does his best and a great job at that.

Over the past couple of weeks it's not been easy for the Easy Walkers crew with problems coming in left, right and centre from local people who should be ashamed of themselves, but they have kept their heads held high and got on with it.

I'm going to miss Daryl and believe that his decision was taken because he'd had enough and wanted to follow other routes, as I read in the Easy Walkers newsletter.

However, I hope he is not going because of the small minority or rude people that have abused the service he offers.

You're a star Daryl, and I hope one day you come back and do it all over again!

Yours etc.,

Name and address supplied.