Driving home the message for Angus youngsters

By the end of November over 1,200 school children in Angus had the opportunity to take part in a nationwide learning experience, as part of an initiative launched by the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET).

The Tractor Tour organised by RHET Angus Countryside Initiative (ACI), saw a tractor visit 47 of the 53 schools in the region providing a valuable and memorable engaging experience for youngsters.

Following on from a successful Food and Farming Day on November 5, RHET in Angus continued to inspire future learning in the area. Each tractor – arranged with help from ACI’s volunteer farmers and assisted by local agricultural machinery dealers Agricar, A. M. Phillip, Netherton Tractors and Sellars – gave children in the school nursery classes the chance to hop on board, as well as learning more about the role of a tractor on a working farm.

The educational visits were in line with the Curriculum for Excellence and engaged children with basic numeracy, visual and social skills, as well as focusing on the jobs a tractor is used for on the farm.

Prior to the event James Dunlop, chairman of the RHET Board, said: “As with all of our educational programmes, RHET Week will be another initiative set to bridge the gap between farmers, producers and children, helping youngsters become educated in food production, farming and the countryside.

“As ever, we hope to inspire a new generation of young people into the farming community of the future, whilst providing all students with an extremely worthwhile and valuable lesson.”