Drama club’s exciting new venture for May

FORFAR Dramatic Sociey has launched its next major project.

In May of this year, it will present a brand new piece of theatre developed from the memories, stories and reminiscences of Forfar folk.

This exciting new venture is part funded by The Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice, which exists to promote contact between the generations. The working title for the show is Forfar Tales.

Over the next four months, members of the club, of all ages, will be working with each other, families and friends to create and rehearse a brand new script that will both entertain and bring new insights to actors and audiences. In addition to all of the usual activities associated with bringing a show to the stage, Forfar Tales will involve club members in gathering stories, sharing memories, reflecting on past times, filming and writing. There will also be some innovative approaches to producing the script.

Already planned are a quiz that will test members’ knowledge of the events, trends and developments of the 80 years that Forfar Dramatic Society has been around and a story cafe that will mix performance with storytelling and conversation in a cafe environment.

Another initiative under active consideration is a Forfar Tales blog designed to make it possible for anyone that wants to be part of the project to do so.

The idea here is that people will be able to share stories and keep in touch with each other on-line, opening up the possibility of former Forfar residents, past club members and visitors to the town being part of the project.

The address for the Blog is http://forfardramatic.wordpress.com.

If you want to keep up to date with Forfar Tales, this is the place to go.

And if you want to take part, you can also go straight to the blog and type in your story.

A spokesperson for the Dramatic Society said: “We are very keen to involve as many people as possible in this project.

“The script for our play will emerge from stories that people tell; memories of the last 80 years.

“If anyone has a favourite story or a particular memory about any aspect of life, we’d love to hear it.”

The project will use a life cycle theme and look to gather reminiscences about different stages or aspects of people’s lives.

How has childhood changed over the last 80 years? What do people remember about their school lives? What was fashionable in their teenage years? Is family life any different nowadays?

And what’s it like to be over 60 years of age?

Anything that people have to say about any of these topics would be of interest to the Dramatic Society, particularly if the answers can be illustrated through real experiences.

Another way in which people can get involved is by coming along to a Story Cafe on Tuesday, February 1, at 7.30 pm in Strathmore Cricket Club.

Here people will be able to listen to some readings given by Forfar Dramatic Society members and swap stories and reminiscences in a convivial atmosphere.

The invitation to the Story cafe is open.

Anyone wishing to come along should reserve a place by emailing forfartales@btinternet.com or calling 01307 467024. There are exciting times ahead for Forfar Dramatic Society.

And are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute and get involved.

Keep your eyes on the Dispatch for news of developments. And remember the Blog and the Story Cafe.