Doubling up on a golden occasion

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CELEBRATING your golden wedding is always going to be a special occasion.

For sisters Islay Milne and Edna Norrie (nee Preston) this celebration is all the more special as the sisters had a double wedding.

On March 9, 1961 Islay married her husband Ed Milne in the same service that her sister Edna married her husband Lyall Norrie. Both couples are now celebrating fifty years of marriage.

The service took place at West Church, now St Margaret’s Church, Forfar where they were married by the Rev. Dewar Duncan.

During their working life Ed worked as a car salesman whilst his wife Islay worked as a telegraphist for Forfar Railway Station.

Lyall, who did national service on Christmas Island just before he got married, spent his latter years working as a joiner whilst his wife Edna spent her working day as a sales person for Ednie and Kininmonth.

Edna Said: “We both met our partners by chance. We just happened to cross paths with one another.

“We were at no particular place at all when we met our partners, we were just in the town and met in the passing.

“When it came to the wedding we just thought it would be good to have a double wedding.

“It was special getting to share the day with my sister and our dad said that there was nothing like getting rid of folk in one go.

“The wedding day itself was wonderful. We got married in the same service and then held our reception in the Royal Hotel.

“Mr Laing was the photographer for the day and although it was not a huge celebration it was a very good wedding and a very good day.

“It was just so special getting to share the day with my sister.”

Both parties still live in Forfar.

Ed and Islay have two daughters, Patricia and Alanna and one grandson, Christopher, while Edna and Lyall have one daughter, Alison.

To celebrate the occasion Ed and Islay are cruising in the Mediterranean, where they will be accompanied by their daughter Alanna and her partner.

Edna’s daughter Alison gave her congratulations to the couples on behalf of all the family.