Dog fouling to be caught on camera?

DOG owners who allow their pets to foul on a Kirrie recreation area could find the deed caught on camera if an idea being mooted by Angus Council’s neighbourhood service department comes to fruition.

Kirriemuir Community Councillors were informed last week that the local authority was giving some thought to the possibility of installing a webcam at the Barrie Pavilion on the Hill.

Such a move would allow the council to promote the hill as a recreation area on the website and could also act as a deterrent with regard to the dog fouling problem.

If dog owners knew the dastardly deed was being viewed by vistors to the website they may think twice about allowing their dogs to exercise in the vicinity of the new Peter Pan playpark for example.

Councillor Ian Mackintosh was unable to attend last week’s meeting of the community council, but he did pass on the details of the webcam proposal for members’ attention.

Other measures to get the message across to dog walkers are also to be introduced – including the erection of eye-catching signs outlining the penalties for allowing pets to foul and the introduction of more dog bins.

Speaking on Thursday, Councillor Mackintosh confirmed that measures to both promote the hill and the Peter Pan playpark as attractions and deal with the problems of dog fouling were being looked at.

“We don’t feel the erection of a fence round the play facilities is the right way to go,” he commented. “We want to make the Hill and the facilities that are up there as appealing as possible.

“A lot of people are making use of the play facilities and we don’t want to spoil their enjoyment by fencing them in. The installation of a webcam is being considered – and hopefully that can play a role in terms of security while, at the same time, showing people who visit the website what the Hill has to offer.

“We are also looking to add another piece of equipment to the play area.”