Do you remember Lawrence Lawson?

AN Aberdeen man is hoping readers can help him with what he describes as a bit of a long shot.

Larry McAllister’s uncle, Lawrence Lawson, was killed in action in the Second World War on October 22, 1941 at the age of 24.

“At that time his parents lived in Buckhaven in Fife,” explains Larry.

A local newspaper carried a report that he was missing presumed dead and recorded that, before enlisting in 1940, Lawrence was engaged in public assistance work in the East Neuk (of Fife), like his father.

“However, his RAF record reported his home address as Manor Guest House in Forfar (Angus). A postcard to Lawrence from his younger sister was posted to the same address on December 7, 1939. A cousin of Lawrence, the only relative still alive who knew him, told me that she always imagined that Lawrence had spent most of his life in Fife and she knew nothing of the Forfar connection.

“Lawrence’s name appears on the War Memorial in Buckhaven and I guess from this it will not appear on the War Memorial in Forfar despite the fact that Lawrence lived in Forfar for at least some two years before he was killed?

“It seems very unlikely that I could now find out anything about my uncle’s time in Forfar but I would be interested to hear from anyone with any suggestions or who can enlighten me on how it would have been decided that my uncle’s name should appear on the War Memorial in Buckhaven and not Forfar and how similar cases would have been dealt with.”

If you can help Larry he can be contacted via telephone (tel: 01224 317156) or via e-mail -