Dismay at Barrie grave vandalism

A local businessman has stepped in to make good damage caused by vandals to the Barrie family grave in Kirriemuir Cemetery.

Last week a number of coping stones were knocked from a wall which encloses three headstones belonging to the Barrie family.

The vandalism at Barrie's grave.

The vandalism at Barrie's grave.

The actions sickened the local community and local councillors.

When contacted the businessman, who did not wish to be named, said: “How anyone could do something like that is beyond belief.

“This is a gesture from the people of Kirrie to say that Kirrie is better than this. But it makes my blood boil how they can destroy other folk’s possessions and destroy a grave. Something needs to be done and needs done quickly.”

Angus councillors Iain Gaul and Ronnie Proctor expressed their disappointment over the vandalism.

Mr Gaul took a telephone call from the businessman as he was attending a meeting of Cosla last week.

He said: “The only thing council leaders and others from across Scotland wanted to speak to me about was what had happened to the Barrie grave.”

He praised the offer of help adding: “This is a generous gesture and just shows that there are people in the community prepared to do something to help right this wrong.”