Dirt issue proves to be a sticking point

FORFAR people have raised their concerns over local dog owners failing to pick up their dog’s dirt from the streets in the town.

We asked if you thought this was a problem in the town and you answered with a resounding “Yes!”

Here is just a selection of our replies.

Vicky Torrie said: “This has always been a problem, I actually approached a councillor years ago down town about it. It’s disgusting and it is not just a problem down town, it is everywhere. Don’t have a dog if you can’t clean up behind it!

Andrea Tait said: “I haven’t noticed an increase, it’s always been a big problem.

“There are many responsible dog owners who pick up after their dog but unfortunately there are twice as many irresponsible owners who don’t.

“Who is responsible for handing out fines to owners who don’t pick up? I’ve never heard of anyone actually receiving a fine. Maybe if fines were given out that might help.”

Leeanne Ramsay added: “Nothing worse than having to clean that off your kids shoes! There are not many dog bins around the town so it may be a good idea to provide more but it probably still won’t solve the problem.”

Some responsible dog owners also had their own comments to make, Bob Fleming said: “As a dog owner myself I always pick it up, it annoys me when I go walking round the Forfar Loch or down town and see it everywhere, it only takes a couple of seconds to pick it up.

“Something needs to be done and I hope it gets sorted out.

Linda Robb added: “I have a dog myself and always clean up after him. I wouldn’t dream of leaving it lying and I always carry bags. It’s not the dogs fault it’s the owners.”

Carrie McKenna said: “Everywhere you go it’s the same problem. I do have a dog and pick up after him and hate noticing other dogs mess. It’s just plain ignorance and laziness that dog owners don’t. There is a lack of community wardens in town to try and sort out the problem.”

A few of you felt that bringing back dog licensing would perhaps help the issue, David Swan said: “Bring back the dog license, all real dog lovers would not mind paying for their dog.”

Scott Wilson added: “It’s not the dogs fault it’s the owner now get those licences out there!”