Ding dong! Avon calling for Angus midwife Alison!

Alison Stuart's morning selfie
Alison Stuart's morning selfie

An Angus woman will appear on a television advert tonight after winning a competition.

Alison Stuart, from Montrose, will be featured on the latest Avon advert, which will air tonight (Thursday, September 8) at 7.15pm.

Avon ran a nationwide search for women to send them their morning face selfie with no make-up on.

Alison was then picked to attend Avon’s head office for a casting.

She travelled down to Northampton at the end of July to meet with Avon representatives and the production company.

She was then picked as one of three lucky winners.

She is the only Scottish winner.

The three winners represent Scotland, Wales and England.

Alison, who works as a midwife at Montrose Maternity Unit, said: “The whole experience has been unreal.

“I never expected to win. I just entered for a bit of fun.

“Avon came to my house in August to film me getting ready in the morning.

“I’m in my jammies, getting ready.

“The advert is about how you can use Avon’s latest products to get rid of your morning face in five minutes.

“They even timed me to see how long it took.

“I’m anxious to see it. They were in my house for seven hours, so I know what goes into making a 30 second TV advert.”

There will also be a minute-long advert online, which features a forth winner.

The new range is called Avon True and is available to buy now.