Dey welcomes funding boost

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has welcomed a £20 million funding boost to help people across Scotland on to the housing ladder.

The major cash injection was announced on Monday by the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Over 500 people on low to moderate incomes will receive help to buy their first home through Scottish Government funding for shared equity schemes.

Priority access will be given to particular groups, including members of the armed forces, veterans and disabled people.

Buyers who successfully apply to use shared equity can purchase a home by paying a majority share in it, with the Scottish Government paying the outstanding under an agreement which it enters into with the buyer.

Angus South MSP, Graeme Dey said: “This welcome investment underlines the government’s on-going commitment to helping first time buyers.

“It will ensure more families and individuals have the opportunity to buy a property and take the first important step onto the housing ladder.”

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “People in Scotland who should rightly be able to afford a mortgage are still facing real challenges buying a home. Over the past four years, our Low Cost Initiative for First Time Buyers (LIFT) shared equity schemes have helped a huge number of people to buy their first home. We want to continue to do all we can to help.

“This £20 million boost is great news for individuals and families. Our schemes will not only help people to buy their first home, they will also help ‘second-steppers’ to be able to sell their home and to move to another property. But this is not only about helping people to buy houses.

“Our actions are also stimulating the economy. By supporting house buying and construction, we are creating new work for the sector and supporting jobs. This demonstrates that in these tough financial times the Scottish Government will step in, both to help households and crucial sectors of our economy like house building.”