Dey receives unanimous backing

Current MSP Graeme Dey has been selected by the SNP’s Angus South Constituency Association as its candidate for next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.

The decision was endorsed unanimously at a recent constituency association gathering in Arbroath.

Mr Dey said: “I am delighted to have been reselected as the SNP candidate and very much look forward to the forthcoming election campaign.

“It is a privilege being the MSP for Angus South and, whilst I will lead an energetic re-election campaign across the constituency. My priority over the coming months will remain discharging the responsibilities which go with that role.”

Councillor Sheila Hands, Angus South SNP constituency convener, said Mr Dey’s re-selection is a popular choice across all six constituency branches.

She added: “This is unsurprising given his tireless commitment to Constituents and Groups right across South Angus during his first four years as an MSP. I have no doubt that all of Graeme’s previous hard work and stewardship of the forthcoming campaign will lead to him increasing his majority.”