Death of well-known local businessman

WELL-KNOWN local businessman Colin Munro Smith has died at the age of 86.

Mr Smith was the founder of the local electrical business Colin M Smith.

Born in Forfar in the Arbroath Road area, Mr Smith lived and worked in Forfar and Kirriemuir his whole life apart from his time away during and after the Second World War.

Interested in radio from a very young age a career in electronics beckoned and he served his time as an electrical engineer with Bremner Bros in the East High Street, Forfar, before being called up to serve in the Royal Signal Corp (RSC).

During the war he dealt with Morse Code and spent his time in the RSC interrupting German signals.

After the war he served at Bletchley Park for a time before returning to Forfar at the request of Jas. Hosie to become his television engineer in around 1950.

Mr Smith became Mr Hosie’s “right-hand man” and was partner of the Kirriemuir branch before he left to start up his own business.

Colin M Smith’s was founded in 1971 in Kirriemuir and has grown to include branches in Forfar, Arbroath and Dundee.

Mr Smith retired in the 1990s while the business continues to be run by his son and grandsons.