Cutting off nuisance callers

Nuisance calls
Nuisance calls

The Scottish Government is to put newly acquired powers to work to tackle the menace of nuisance calls.

Following on from a Nuisance Calls Summit held in June, which brought together regulators, industry and consumers groups to identify practical solutions to the problem, the Government has announced it is establishing a Nuisance Calls Commission.

The Commission is being tasked with delivering an action plan for - empowering consumers to protect themselves, tackling persistently offending companies, supporting firms that want to do the right thing and improving the regulatory environment.

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey who has campaigned alongside consumer magazine Which on this issue, commented: “The powers now at the disposal of the Scottish Government in this area are limited to advocacy and advice.

“However, I am pleased to see it delivering on commitments it made to do use these to tackle the growing and unacceptable menace of Nuisance Calls.

“I look forward to seeing tangible measures being identified by the Commission and then implemented by the government.

“I also hope to see the UK Government stepping up its efforts in this area because we need intergovernmental, indeed international, cooperation if we are to address the problem.”