Tayside Police - ‘Keeping People Safe’ campaign

Tayside Division will be maximising the visibility of its officers again this weekend as part of the national Campaign Against Violence and a commitment to Keeping People Safe.

Through the campaign, resources are directed where they are needed most in respect of tackling crime, anti-social behaviour and alcohol fuelled violence. This generally focuses attention on the late night economy in town centre and housing estates.

But crime and disorder is not exclusive to the urban areas particularly with warmer summer days and nights tempting people to spend more time out of doors and even camping out. As such, officers will also turn their attention to the more rural parts of Tayside.

Operation Ironworks has been in operation nationally since 2008 and has been successful in promoting responsible behaviour in the countryside and reducing anti-social behaviour in sites that a popular for wild camping.

It is an operation supported by Tayside Division who recognise its value in reducing anti-social behaviour such as noise disturbance, vandalism, litter and even traffic offences.

Mindful that anti-social behaviour can also lead to disorder, particularly where alcohol is involved, Tayside Division’s Campaign Against Violence will take to the country as well as the town to – in many respects – underpin the excellent work of Ironworks.

Superintendent Kevin Lynch said: “There was an incident in the Loch Earn area last weekend where people had been camping that resulted in a 25-year-old man being admitted to hospital with serious injuries. A 21-year-old man was charged in connection with the incident and was remanded after appearing in court.

“That incident is still under enquiry and, while it is not appropriate to comment in any detail, it highlights that serious incidents can arise in the quietest parts of Tayside, just as they can happen in busy town centres.

“Through the Campaign Against Violence we are trying to raise awareness about personal safety and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.

“Our officers will do all that they can to tackle alcohol-related violence and robustly deal with anyone who becomes involved in that type of behaviour. As part of their efforts to prevent crime, they will also carry our proactive searches as necessary.

“We are committed to Keeping People Safe and we want people to have good time and at the same time have respect for those around them who are also out to enjoy themselves.

“I would suggest that drinking alcohol to a point that you are no longer in control of your faculties and essentially a risk to yourself and everyone around you is not the benchmark for a good night out.

“It can contribute to very serious health risks – sometimes immediately through incident or accident and sometimes over the longer term with serious injury or health issues.

“It can also be the catalyst for crimes of disorder and violence, which have their own particular set of very serious repercussions. Take the more sensible route and drink more responsibly, know your limits and look out for yourself and those around you.”