Remain vigilant at home

Police in Forfar are advising residents to be vigilant when cold callers come knocking at their doors, following an alarming incident in the town.

Enquiries are continuing into a case of indecent exposure which occurred on Friday, May 24 when a man indecently exposed himself to an elderly woman at her home in the area of Archies Park at 11 p.m.

Police Scotland, Tayside Division officers are keen to stress incidents like this are very rare in the town,

However, they advise residents not to let people in to their homes unless they are absolutely satisfied they know who they are.

Community liaison officer Scott Anderson said: “We must stress incidents of this nature are a very rare occurrence but we have to get the message out there that, if you don’t know somebody who has come to your door, them make sure you ask for I.D.

“Some people are willing to take advantage of others’ good nature. Despite the fact we live in a good area, residents still need to be resilient towards these kind of things. Representatives of a reputable firm will be more than happy to hand over I.D. If you don’t know someone and they don’t have I.D. then call Police Scotland on 101.”