Pupils help highlight dangers of speeding

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Police Scotland carried out a road safety initiative at Glamis and Eassie primaries on Friday to educate drivers on the dangers of speeding in and around schools.

The officers received assistance from children from the primary schools, who were handing out leaflets to motorists to make them aware of the dangers of driving at speed and the consequences of this.

Drivers should always reduce their speeds in response to where they are and what is around them. This is never more important than when they are on roads where children are making their way to or from school.

All pupils and parents should ensure they cross with care. Responsible behaviour on everyone’s part can help make sure that that avoidable accidents, and the trauma and heartbreak that goes with them, are avoided.

By way of a guide, the Highway Code states that the overall stopping distances for a car in an emergency are -

12 metres at 20mph (three car lengths)

23 metres at 30 miles per hour (six car lengths)

36 metres at 40 miles per hour (nine car lengths).

These stopping distances clearly show the importance of reducing speed and increasing the chances of stopping in time - should a child run out into the road. Also, by slowing down drivers will lessen the impact and severity of any collision should one happen.

If the road is wet, the stopping distance is doubled and in icy conditions the stopping distance is ten times greater.

A child struck by a vehicle at 40 miles per hour will almost certainly be killed. A child struck at 20 miles per hour will most likely survive.

Police Constable Scott Anderson said: “Friday’s initiative was to educate drivers that when they are at or near to schools drivers should slow down, observe the speed limits and pay attention. If they are parking to drop off or pick up then they should choose their parking spot carefully, preferably a distance away from the school itself”.

“Children from Glamis and Eassie Primary schools played a big part in the initiative and I would like to thank both them and Angus Council Education Department for allowing them to do this.”

Scott Gordon Head Teacher of Glamis and Eassie primary schools said: “We’re very pleased to join Police Scotland in promoting the importance of road safety at and around our schools. I’m sure everyone will agree that we all want to do all we can to ensure our children travel to and from school safely, whether as a passenger or a pedestrian.

“When at or approaching schools, drivers should always reduce their speeds to below the recommended limit and take extra care as to what is going on around them. Avoid zig-zag lines and Keep Clear zones and always park in a place that is safe for you and your passengers and for other road users and pedestrians.”