Potato box pinched from playschool

A POTATO box, which was going to be put to good use, has been stolen from a local playschool.

Sunshine Playschool in Kirriemuir was given a potato box from a grandfather of one of the children who is a farmer. The box was intended to be used to plant vegetables such as peas and potatoes for the children to enjoy.

All members of staff are completely baffled as to why someone would steal a potato box from the children. Laura Law, a practitioner, said: “It must have been taken for firewood, I can’t think of another reason.”

The box, which was outside in the children’s activity area, sat untouched for a couple of weeks. It was noticed the box was noticed missing on Tuesday morning.

The playschool was been given a bronze award from Eco Schools Scotland for being environmentally friendly. They recycle paper and sell it for hamster bedding, grow their own healthy goodies for nibbles and make home-made and home-grown food such as garlic bread and potato salad.

The staff and children were looking forward to preparing the potato box for planting vegetables that the children would help prepare for them for eating. Unfortunately, someone’s actions have hindered the plans.

If anyone could kindly donate a replacement potato box to the play school, you can contact Laura Law on 01307 466232.