Police action to disrupt drug supply

Police raid a property on Glenmoy Terrace, Forfar.
Police raid a property on Glenmoy Terrace, Forfar.

Police raided addresses in Forfar and Kirriemuir on Friday as part of the fight against illegal drugs in the area.

A team of local officers, backed by specialist entry and search officers from Dundee and dog teams, hit three addresses - Glenmoy Terrace and Glenclova Terrace in Forfar and Prosen Road in Kirriemuir - to execute warrants obtained after intelligence provided from residents.

*And Chief Inspector Gordon Milne, Angus area commander, vowed that disruption to drug dealers across Angus “will not stop”.

He said: “If you continue to deal drugs, we’ll continue to be in your face - we will be at your door

“This is part of a long-term strategy of forcing these people out and we have intelligence coming in from householders who are sick to death of what’s going on.”

As a result of the operation, three people are facing drug-related charges, two from a further raid carried out in Strathmore Avenue in Forfar.

It was carried out under Operation Ajax, the force’s continuing operation to tackle antisocial behaviour and violence which has already resulted in dozens of arrests.

Mr Milne continued: “There are bigger people up the chain and it goes back to places like Birmingham and Liverpool, and there will be suppliers who look legitimate on the face of it but who are financing drug deals in Forfar - it’s an interconnected network.”

He added that as well as sending out a strong message, the operation was also about intelligence gathering.

He continued: “We’re at the forefront, kicking in doors, but there’s a much bigger intelligence operation behind that. The people of Angus keep telling me we need to deal with drug dealers, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Mr Milne added that help is available for drug users through the Tayside Intensive Support Service (TISS). Based in Arbroath, the multi-agency organisation helps offenders to make positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle.

Repeat offenders agree willingly to sign up to an agreement that provides a range of support

He said: “If people want help to get out of this lifestyle we will willingly work with them and help them to get in touch with appropriate agencies.”