Plea to parents after Kirrie vandalism

POLICE in Kirriemuir have issued an appeal to parents to find out where their children are and what they are doing after a spate of vandalism in the town.

As many as eight motor vehicles in the Southmuir area of Kirriemuir have now been damaged by reckless acts of vandalism and, according to Community Liaison Officer Constable Alan Bell, it is known teenagers have in the past been involved in causing this type of damage.

He said: “This act of vandalism means the poor car owner has to foot the bill for the repair as their excess on their insurance policies usually exceeds the cost of repair. If claims are made through insurances the insurance companies then look at certain post code areas and if crime is on the increase then insurance premiums go up. This has a detrimental effect on all insurance policy owners in that post code area.

“Your parents could end up being victims of the insurance policy price hike. Teenagers - remember at some point you will become an insurance policy holder. Do you really want to pay inflated insurance policy costs caused by reckless acts of vandalism.”

He continued: “Tayside Police would encourage all parents to pay close attention to their child’s activities and be aware of where they are when not at home.”

Anyone who has information regarding this should contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222, Crime Stoppers on 0800555111or or speak to any police officer.

Constable Bell concluded: “The crimes in Kirriemuir for the previous week are all vandalisms which have blighted our streets. We are keen to obtain any information relating to the crimes and detect the offenders.”

A window was smashed at the Blue Shop, Glamis Road at about 10.35 pm on September 14 and seven parked motor cars parked at Webster’s Sports Centre were damaged between 8.20 am and 2.30 pm on September 13.

Damage was also caused to a parked motor car in Slade Gardens between 1.30 pm on September 9 and 8.40 am on September 10.