Man in horror mask caused panic at Forfar care home

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A man turned up at an Angus nursing home wearing a dressing gown and Hallowe’en horror mask - sparking panic amongst staff.

Saul Stott stood in silence outside Forfar’s Finavon Court home in the bizarre get up in June - shortly before the “killer clown” craze that swept the world.

Stacey Forsyth opened the door to the 21-year-old, who backed away wordlessly and stood a short distance away.

Miss Forsyth and another worker at the home then called police.

At Forfar Sheriff, Stott, of Don Street, Forfar, admitted that on June 20, at Finavon Court Care Home he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm.

He also admitted that, while wearing a dressing gown and a Hallowe’en mask, he entered the grounds of the care home and stood at a door to the premises and that when a woman opened the door he stared and her and walked backwards while continuing to stare at her.

He then remained within the care home grounds and acted in a suspicious manner before walking away and continuing to stare at two women to their fear and alarm.

Defence agent Billy Rennie said: “There is perhaps an obvious recommendation before the court and he takes no issue with that.

“He has been working with the social workers.”

Sheriff Pino Di Emidio imposed a low-tariff structured deferred sentence on Stott, which will be reviewed on January 26.

Stott will be sentenced after a psychiatric report is prepared following engagement with social workers.

The offence came before the so-called “killer clown” craze, in which people wore clown masks and engaged in anonymous pranks and criminal behaviour.