Help cut down on car crime in area

SIMPLE advice which can help protect your property was outlined in a report delivered to members of Forfar Community Council on Thursday evening.

Sergeant John Sargeant of Tayside Police warned car crime tends to be a crime of opportunity, but by applying simple security measures, vehicle owners can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this type of incident.

Drivers are advertising their personal belongings to the opportunist thief by leaving property and valuables in open view.

Drivers must ensure their vehicle is secured when left unattended and that no property is left in open view.

He warned: “If car owners cannot take their property out of the car, it should be locked away out of sight in the boot.

“Doors should be locked, and windows closed. Sat navs, mobile phones, iPods, bags and wallets are particularly attractive to thieves and should not be left in an unattended car. C.D. players and radio cassettes should be removed wherever possible.

“Anyone with a face-off stereo should remember the purpose of its design and take the front fascia out of the unattended car, as without it, the stereo os inoperable and therefore less likely to be stolen.

“Drivers should try to park their vehicle in a busy area and, at night, somewhere that has good lighting. Supervised car parks offer one of the safest places to park and, when at home, householders should use a garage if they have one. Anyone whose vehicle does not have an alarms and/or immobiliser should give consideration to fitting one or both.”