Fewer victims of house-breaking

AN update on police progress in Angus was outlined at this month’s meeting of Forfar Community Council.

Sergeant John Sargeant of Tayside Police reported they met 17 of their 20 targets during 2011-12 with improvement recorded in all areas of crime reduction and detection.

The exception was in detecting incidents of vandalism, which saw a slight drop from 32.1% to 30.4% (-1.7%).

In all there were 3,248 fewer crimes in Tayside during 2011-12 compared to the 2010-11.

He said: “That is 3,248 fewer victims of crime.

“Within that were 208 fewer victims, and also victim’s families, of domestic housebreaking and 1,334 fewer victims of vandalism.”

Sergeant Sargeant also warned those in rural areas to help protect their property. Fences or boundary walls should be kept in good repair and tools, ladders and garden furniture should be safely stored away.

Sheds and lock up garages should be secured at all times