Campaign takes on scammers

Angus M.P. Mike Weir.
Angus M.P. Mike Weir.

Local MP Mike Weir has backed a joint initiative by Citizens Advice Scotland and Trading Standards to highlight the menace of scammers.

Scam Awareness Month, which will run throughout May, also offers consumers advice on how to avoid being scammed.

Each week of the month will be used to highlight a particular type of scam, including online cons, mail scams, telephone scams and doorstep scams.

Mr Weir said: “I am aware of several instances in Angus in which people have been scammed out of considerable sums of money. Such instances can have a very devastating effect not only on the victims’ finances but on their whole lives.

“As Scam Awareness Month highlights, scams can originate in many different ways. Some scams can be very elaborate and scammers can seem very plausible.

“When the all-party group on nuisance calls was investigating that issue it was clear that many scammers used cold calling to con people into their scams and, worse still, often traded names of people between themselves so that individuals could become the victims of many different scams over a long period.”

A website offering tips and resources on how to spot and stop scams can be found at