Advice against anti-social behaviour in Angus

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Police Scotland has issued advice for parents following a number of anti-social behaviour incidents perpetrated by youngsters in Angus.

The lighter nights and warmer weather often results in an increase in the number of calls about young people and antisocial behaviour, including incidents of drinking alcohol in public places, excessive noise, littering, intimidation, risk taking behaviour, vandalism and fire raising.

Sergeant Debbie Donkin, Angus Local Policing area said: “Within the last couple of weeks in Angus there have been calls with regards to children setting fires and causing damage to property. Not only does this cause upset within the community, the child is placing themselves and others at risk of harm.

“Further calls have been received regarding teenagers throwing stones at passing vehicles. This behaviour is completely unacceptable and there is a significant risk of serious injury to road users, including pedestrians, as a result of such actions.

“There are also a number of empty and derelict buildings in Angus, many of which are hazardous environments. Children place themselves at risk if they enter these buildings, climb on scaffolding or on the roofs. Each year in the UK, children are injured and require hospital treatment as a result of falls and injury whilst exploring derelict or empty premises. There are three buildings in particular in Forfar that young people appear to be using as a playground.

“We are asking parents and carers to assist us, to keep children safe and reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour in our community. We urge parents and carers to be aware of where their children are, who they are with and what they are doing.

“Talking to your child about potential dangers and their consequences could make a difference to their safety. It is important for young people to understand the potential risks and consequences of their actions. They may get involved in activity they may consider is just ‘a bit of a laugh’ without considering the potential consequences.

“There are opportunities in the local community for young people to take part in organised groups or activities where they can have fun, meet new friends, learn new skills and develop social and team building skills in a safe environment.

“Officers within Angus will be patrolling areas that have been identified for particular anti-social behaviour calls and we will be working with our communities and young people to reduce incidents of this nature and take appropriate enforcement action.”

If you wish to report anti-social behaviour, or need advice and assistance, please contact Police Scotland on 101.