Creatures in the classroom

editorial image

Pupils at Forfar Academy were treated to a rather slippery visitor last week.

The second year Geography pupils are currently studying the Amazon Rainforest and Zoolab, a company which provides hands on workshops for schools, brought along some of the animals which live there.

Pupils were able to learn about and handle creatures such as giant snails, cockroaches, millipedes, crabs, rats and even snakes and scorpions.

All pupils and staff attending the event agreed that the workshops were a brilliant experience as they allowed pupils an insight into the amazing world of tropical rainforests.

There was great excitement at the end of the visit when the four foot long rat snake shed its skin – a process which usually occurs at night time and is therefore rarely observed.

In the photo (left – right) Craig Davie, Ellie McCallum and Rachael Dunn.