Councillor slams vandals after Kirrie Den toilets targeted

Councillor Ronnie Proctor
Councillor Ronnie Proctor

An Angus Councillor has branded those responsible for the latest vandalism in kirriemuir Den as “lunatics”.

Councillor Ronnie Proctor has rounded on those responsible for the repeated destruction of public property, stating the recent vandalism of the gents’ toilets in Kirrie Den was “quite horrendous”.

He said the vandalism - which occurred between Friday, September 30 and Monday, October 3, tarnished the great community work by members of the Kirriemuir Regeneration Group, and the new Kirriemuir and Local Business Association.

The toilets were due to re-open to the public at the start of the local holiday fortnight; they were to be run as a community-led partnership between Angus Council and the KRG.

The toilets have been a constant target for vandals over the years - with the latest attack seeing a toilet smashed to pieces.

Councillor Proctor told us: “The toilets were all spick and span and were to open tor the tattie holidays when some lunatics smashed the whole thing up - it was quite horrendous.

“What really annoys me is that the ladies of the Regeneration Group have done a lot for Kirriemuir and have put the buzz back into the town.

“They have taken over the running of the camera obscura, they have taken on the Christmas lights - a whole load of stuff.

“Those mindless people who carry out this needless vandalism don’t think what they are doing. The Group members are working for the benefit of the community.

“If the members of the Regeneration Group hadn’t taken on the toilets, they would have been closed by Angus Council. It’s quite sad; people should be aware of this and should come forward with any information on these culprits so the mindless vandalism can stop.

“kirriemuir is beginning to turn around - the catalyst for this was the Regeneration Group taking on the running of the camera obscura and they have made a success of it. Those responsible for this vandalism should be aware they are taking a lot more out of the community than what they care to imagine. We have visitors coming to the town, they go to the shops, spend money - they keep the town alive. We do not want Kirrie to become a no-go area because of things like this.”