Council says ‘thanks’

ANGUS Council social work and health held a social event for foster carers and volunteers on Friday, to thank them for the time, effort and commitment they give to help people in the local community.

The celebrations consisted of an informal carvery dinner at the Finavon Hotel, by Forfar, with a presentation by Ruth Leslie Melville and Convener of Social Work and Health, Councillor Alison Andrews.

Provost Leslie Melville praised the efforts of the foster carers and volunteers in her presentation, saying: “Social Work and Health are very fortunate to have such a committed group of great volunteers and foster carers.

“We have 59 carers and 130 volunteers providing a range of tasks from volunteer driving, befriending, home visiting or helping at residential and day units.

“The department’s group of volunteer drivers travelled more than 675,000 miles last year - equivalent to 27 times around the world. They help take children to school or older people from rural areas to day care facilities.

“Other volunteers spend time with service users by participating in games and art activities or a visit to the park or cinema, or helping with teas and socialising.

“Our volunteers help Social Work and Health to deliver an excellent service to the people of Angus. We are grateful for their continuing efforts.

“During the past year Angus Council has approved ten new foster carers and 15 are currently in the process of being approved. It is now more than a year since Angus Council changed and improved the payments to foster carers and the increase in recruitment reflects the increase in interest in fostering.”

Councillor Andrews presented the foster carers and volunteers who have given 15 years’ of service with gift tokens and bouquets of flowers.

Charles Bell, a volunteer befriender, was given a special presentation on his retiral after 14 years’ service.

If you are interested in fostering please call 01241 435078 or visit www.fosteringand