Council criticised over ‘wanton vandalism’ of tree

The removal of a well-established cherry tree in the grounds of the former Chapelpark Primary School has been condemned as “wanton vandalism”.

Neill Wilson, who lives opposite the school, contacted our office to hit out at the council’s decision to remove the tree, stating the move was a waste of council money which could have been better spent on thinning trees at Balmashanner.

He said three workmen took two days to cut down the tree at the side of the former gym block at the school, which would have cost hundreds of pounds.

He said: “The four trees were just coming in to flower when one was cut down. The beautiful trees make a wonderful show. This was wanton vandalism and an act of sheer lunacy. Anybody else doing this would be hung, drawn and quartered.

“It is a waste of public funds. The money would have been better used clearing the area and leaving the trees or clearing the trees at Balmashanner which are obscuring the war memorial and the views from the viewpoint.

“Trees were planted at Balmashanner in the 1950s and are obscuring some of the views pointed out on the brass plaque at the viewpoint.”

When asked to comment on the removal of the tree a spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The work was carried out to the tree in August 2013 as it was causing significant damage to the adjoining property.”