Council criticised for ‘rushed job’ on home

One of the rooms which is affected by damp.
One of the rooms which is affected by damp.

A Kirriemuir man has hit out at Angus Council’s housing department for failing to deal with a damp problem in his house.

Thomas Muir said that damp is affecting all of the rooms in his three-bedroom home at Sidlaw Range and has been since he moved into the property four years ago, after it was refurbished.

He also said that after he moved in a council clerk of works had admitted that the refurbishment work had been “a rushed job”, and nothing has been done to rectify it.

He said: “They’ve done rewiring in the house and the plasterwork on the ceilings is atrocious and generally the standard of workmanship is poor.

“I’ve been on to the housing department regularly and a housing officer came along in November and agreed it was a shambles. We thought after that workmen were coming to deal with it but when they did come along four weeks ago they replastered the walls of two of the bedrooms.

“Even then they’ve taken off fascias and not put them back on so I can’t even put up a pair of curtains because I’ve nowhere to hang them.

“The third bedroom I haven’t used since I’ve moved in because it’s so bad.”

Mr Muir added that a dehumidifier to try to dry out the house had failed and he feels he is getting nowhere with the council.

He said: “I’m just not getting anywhere with them and I’m not even hearing from them. All they’ve done is those two bedrooms but all the rooms are affected.”

An Angus Council spokeswoman said: “Substantial works were carried out earlier this month to rectify moisture issues in one of the bedrooms. However, following reports of other condensation type symptoms, the surveyor will return to investigate the cause and we will contact Mr Muir to arrange a convenient date.

“A previous survey carried out around January 2013 recommended fitting a ‘dri-master’ ventilation system and this was done to reduce levels of moisture, and this was serviced late last year.

“We are unaware of a complaint about the fascia and we will contact Mr Muir to arrange an inspection.”