Could the signs be clearer?

We have received a number of comments and complaints about the Padanaram road works which are due to last a total of seven weeks.

Despite conceeding that roadworks are a necessary nuisance for many of us some Dispatch readers feel that the signs indicating there is no through road to Kirriemuir via Padanaram could be better.

Here are just some of your views.

David Swan said: “Signage can be better as drivers are still driving up to the closed road and then turn into St Ninians road to try to get round it. This happens on a regular basis, the signs read ‘Road Closed at Padanaram’ so they think they can still get through by going round.”

Andrena Milne said: “Going from Morrison Street in Kirriemuir the signs are definitely lacking. Strangers will not know the back roads.”

Denise Thomson disagreed, she said: “The signage that is in place would be more than adequate if the motorists actually paid attention to it!

“I live in Padanaram and the signs informing motorists that the road would be closed were in place for at least three weeks before any work began.

“The signs informing of the road closure begin at the roundabout at the bottom of the flyover on the Forfar side of the dual carriageway, the diversion signs are crystal clear - what more do the road workers need to do to make motorists aware?”

Tracy Mcintosh said that the signs should start much further back: “Signs should be placed on the Forfar side of the fly-over not at Paddy!”

Eddie Anderson added: “I noticed today that signs have been put up on the Drumgley Road at Paddy School saying local access only. They have also shut a road further up the Redford Brae, I can’t remember what it is called, but it is where the strawberrys are grown.

“I can’t see how they can stop folk from using a shorter diversion rather than using the long one! I pay my road tax and will use what ever road I want.”