Corrie Fee, Glen Doll

Corrie Fee.

Corrie Fee.

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Corrie Fee, a National Nature Reserve, is truly dramatic, a massive bowl scooped out by a glacier.

Like a giant stone armchair, it is a wild amphitheatre of rocky landscape sculpted by the power of ice and water. The area is now a haven for the plants, birds and animals that are equipped to cope with the challenges of this harsh mountain environment. There are several trails to choose from, leading from the car park, including one up to the spectacular view at the entrance to Corrie Fee.

For the more adventurous, the path up through Corrie Fee is popular all year round with hill walkers and the crags are well known for some of Scotland’s best winter climbing. Watch out for beautiful alpine flowers right next to the path, rare mountain willows clinging to the high crags and golden eagles.